Middle School


EYC (Episcopal Youth Community)

EYC is an opportunity for middle school students to come together in their spiritual home and engage in Bible study, games, outreach, and community! For information regarding our meeting schedule, please contact Maggie Paul Baker at

Virtual EYC

Sundays, 7 - 7:45 pm via Zoom
This fall, middle school students will meet with Maggie Baker and EYC leaders each Sunday via Zoom from 7 - 7:45 pm. Register below to receive the link for the Zoom call. We hope your child will join us for formation, activities, conversations and fellowship as we connect digitally throughout the fall. Contact Maggie Baker at  with questions.

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Milkshake Mondays

Mondays, 7 - 7:45 pm via Zoom
Whip up a milkshake and come shake it up with us as we learn about some of the Bible's movers and shakers! Throughout January, each week, we will take a look at a different Biblical character or person of faith who really shook things up. Join us via Zoom on Mondays at 7 pm. For more information, contact Maggie Baker at  with questions. 



We are so excited about our upcoming Confirmation process! We look forward to beginning in January!

Confirmation will now be a three semester process, beginning in the spring of 8th grade. In the spring, students will meet in small groups twice a month. During the first semester, our goal is to create the relationships we find most successful in having deep, meaningful conversations about faith. Small groups will come together to share and learn about themselves, each other, and how to be supportive to one another, as well as establish a foundation of where they are in their faith journey. This will allow the group to move forward into more in-depth faith conversations in the fall.

Take time to talk with your student about what Confirmation is. Talk about it being the time where students start taking ownership of their faith journey, which you and their godparents and/or grandparents started them on at their baptism. Talk about how this process is about them preparing to make the decision to continue their faith journey in the Episcopal Church. Talk about the commitment it is to engage in this process. Confirmation is when they stand up and say that this is their faith journey, and they want to continue it. We support a student's decision, and we are happy to talk about what it might mean to be ready and what it might look like to wait.

After prayerfully considering what works best for your student and your family, we invite you to register for Confirmation. We are so excited to be on this journey with you. If you have any questions or need to chat, we are here to walk and talk with you and/or your student! Please feel free to reach out.

To learn more about Youth Confirmation at Christ Church, contact Maggie Baker at .


Leadership Opportunities

Vacation Bible School (VBS)

One rite of passage for Christ Church middle school students is helping our youngest parishioners grow in their faith at Vacation Bible School! Teen Volunteers serve from 8:30 am  – 1 pm. Visit this page to learn more.