Education for Ministry (EFM)

Education for Ministry: A Small Group Study of the Bible and Theology

Education for Ministry (EfM) is a Bible study and theological reflection group that connects the study of scripture with our real lives. EfM has a rich history at Christ Church, and currently has four active groups, with seven trained mentors within those groups. Participants commit to meet weekly, September through May, for one year. 

EfM was developed out of the seminary at Sewanee to bring some of the theological training given to seminarians to lay people in churches. After completing the course most people feel more equipped for ministry in the world, whether through a particular vocation, living out one’s Christian faith in the secular workplace, serving others, or teaching Sunday School.

One participant and mentor described the class this way: “Excellent scholarship, engaging readings, models for theological reflection and a small group commitment --- the combination is just right. EfM is the gold standard for education in a congregational community. It is a fresh and powerful way to look at your ministry (and yes, you have one). EfM will train you to think in new ways and approach life with a new perspective.”

If you would like more information about EfM, please contact Jenny Beaumont,  or 704-714-6945 or complete the form below. New groups start in September.

Education for Ministry (EfM) Interest Form