This Sunday


We pray for the Church, Justin, Archbishop of Canterbury; Michael, our Presiding Bishop; Sam and Jennifer, our Bishops; Metlha, Bishop of Botswana; Orlando, Bishop of Costa Rica; and in the Anglican Cycle of Prayer, we pray for the Anglican Church of South America

We pray for people of all religions, that we might share a spirit of respect, understanding and cooperation for the welfare and peace of the world

We pray for the leaders of all nations, for Joe, our President; Roy, our Governor; Vi, our Mayor; the Congress, the Courts, and all in authority

We pray for those in harm’s way, for the U.S. Military; First Responders; and for those affected by natural disasters, acts of violence and the coronavirus

We pray for our community partners in mission and outreach including Baby Bundles

We pray for the sick in body, mind or spirit including David Sinclair, Elizabeth Kiser, Jose Maria Costa, Peeti Davant, Lyric Brown, Kay Teague, Lynn Muller, Cameron Proctor, Tammy Melton, Tom Crehore, Sr., Laura Nestico, Joel Keys, Bill McGoogan, Laura Miller, Joe Turner, Mary Criswell, Howard Dean, Chandler Barrett, Judy Atwell, Rebecca Schriber, John Thompson, Dale Hogue, Wally Brown, and Peter Schreiner 

We pray for those who long to have children and for the expectant mothers in our parish including Ali Breeden, Stuart Boyd, Anne Christian Brown, Haley McGahey, Catharine Knight, Eloise Reeves, Anette Hufham, Amanda Golmont Schneider; Laura Truesdale, Anne Carroll Mascavage, Blake Blankenbecler, Claudia Pitt, Kathryn Steele Glazier and Mary Jordan

We give thanks for the birth of Richard Marlowe Gore, IV, son of Cameron and Richard Gore and grandson of Laura and Randolph Smith

We pray for those who have died and their families including Hannah Daniels, Jared Montgomery and Gertrude Harris; aunt, nephew and sister of Marilyn Urey; David James Martin, father of Elizabeth Kiser; Thomas H. White

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