Living a Generous Marriage

Conversations for Quarantined Couples

It may seem odd in this time of quarantine to offer a resource designed to help couples feel close. Perhaps you have never spent so much time in close proximity as now. Or perhaps because of safety or health reasons, you cannot be near one another.

These conversations are meant to help couples feel heard, valued, appreciated, connected, engaged and enjoying one another. As Harville and Helen Hendrix wrote in Getting the Love You Want, “If you want to be close, you can’t be critical.”

You can use these conversation starters in any order and at any time. While Elvis always advised “a little less conversation,” a little more could make being confined at home a very good thing.

(Note: These materials refer to marriage, but they are appropriate for any couple.)

Living on an Oasis

Your Sacred Story

Turning to One Another

Laughing Together

Caring for the Soul of Your Marriage

Your Marriage as a Lighthouse