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What does the future hold?

August 15, 2022

     The following letter was mailed to the parish on August 15, 2022:

    Dear Friends,

    We hope you are having a restful summer, with time to restore your soul and replenish your energy. This fall will bring an exciting array of new ways to engage in worship, learning, fellowship, and service in your spiritual home.

    During the spring and early summer, you were invited to participate in the “Matters of the Heart” survey. Thank you for sharing what was on your heart. Every response has helped propel our work as we consider current and future ministry possibilities for Christ Church.

    Inspired by your input, a team of volunteers has generously given countless hours to an ongoing discernment process. We have visited churches, met with thoughtful leaders and members of our community, both in and outside of Charlotte. Our focus has been on the wellbeing and spiritual wellness of our community, the potential needs of our neighbors, and the campus investment required to meet current and future ministries. Several things became apparent to us as we discerned and considered possibilities.

    First, we are blessed to have a spiritual home that has served many faithful generations with countless sacred experiences in holy spaces. Christ Church is now the spiritual home for more than 5,500 members of all ages and stages. This represents a 36% increase over where we stood in 2010, an exceptional gift during a time when many houses of faith are experiencing declines. That said, the last time we expanded our facilities footprint was 17 years ago! As the church has grown, many of our spaces have been repurposed to respond to the needs for new programs and additional staff, yet it is clear that our current space is inadequate and does not meet the increasing demands of our ministries.

    Second, as we have visited other large churches, we have been inspired by astounding outreach efforts made possible through the creative stewardship of church resources and assets. Christ Church has a legacy of engaged outreach, but we can have even more impact with a bold commitment of additional financial and human capital. There are opportunities to grow our current engagement in many areas, including affordable housing, education, workforce training, social and economic mobility, and community development.

    Finally, we heard questions and concerns from many of you regarding spiritual, mental, and physical well-being. There is a deep need for fellowship, community, and spiritual connections grounded in God’s love, hope, and faith. We want to develop our home with more room for wellbeing within our holy spaces.

    It is likely that a capital campaign will be required to accomplish our strategic priorities, respond to emerging needs, and support our growth. If a campaign is launched, it will be to provide financial resources to support programs and services that meet the needs of our congregation and staff today as well as lay the foundation for the future. It will allow us to support our outreach efforts to serve, and enable us to provide sacred space for worship, prayer, learning, and celebration.

    Today we have a significant opportunity to move beyond the challenges of the last two and a half years. It is time to re-start, re-engage, and move forward. Our strengths and successes can become the foundation for scalable, future-changing ministries and programs that prioritize spiritual wellbeing for all people. We can be a church that is irresistible for all ages. You are part of this because you are Christ Church. We welcome your thoughts, participation, and prayers in this journey. There will be listening sessions to learn more about our strategic direction work in late August and September. Please join us in dreaming for the next generation.


    Jane Coulter and Bill Lorenz
    Strategic Direction Steering Committee Co-Chairs