Vision Board Workshops

Living Into God's Dream for You: A Vision Board Workshop

$35 Workshop fee includes supplies, materials and a light lunch
[link will be posted when dates are set]

God has a plan for you.” We hear that a lot, but it’s hard to know what that really means, and even harder to know how to find out what that means for you personally. But what if being more intentional with every decision and every choice was the key to uncovering that plan? What if finding a simple way to stay focused and purposeful could set you on the path to living out the life He desires for you?

A vision board is one way you can quiet the noise around you and tap into the gentle nudges and whispers of Spirit. Join Makeda Pennycooke for this workshop and learn how this simple tool can support your current spiritual practices in uncovering God’s plan for you. You’ll walk away with a vision board that will inspire and motivate you towards living your best life.

Reflections from a Vision Board Workshop:     
"Makeda's Vision Board Workshop is more than just cutting out pictures and pasting them on a board. You will spend time really reflecting on the past year and thinking about the upcoming year. I was able to set time aside to be very thoughtful about the good and the bad and how I want to focus my time and energy in 2019. She has a wonderful communication style and is gifted as a coach and guide. I loved the pre workshop exercises as much as I enjoyed creating my board!"   - M. Dauphinee, Vision Board Participant