This Sunday


We pray for...

The Church – The Diocese of Rochester, NY

Leaders of All Nations – Donald, our President; Roy, our Governor; Jennifer, our Mayor; the Congress, the Courts, and all in authority

Those in Harm’s Way – US troops abroad

For those who long to have children and for the expectant mothers in our parish - Caroline Austin, Emily French, Lauren Gilbert, Brittany Ingersoll, Stirling McDavid, Clay Morrell, Jill Stelluto-Hall, Emily Taylor and Laura Viccellio

Birth – Helen Leary Scarborough, daughter of Leary and Ruffin Scarborough; Leighton Mary Smith, daughter of Tonya and Sean Smith; Austin Lee Lowry, son of Liz and Lee Lowry

The sick in body, mind, or spirit – Laura Carey, Lynn Lau, Kathy Boone, Ivey Burns, Pat O’Neal, Sally Serenius and Phil Steiner


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