This Sunday


We pray for...

The Church – Justin, Archbishop of Canterbury; Michael, our Presiding Bishop; Sam and Anne, our Bishops; Metlha, Bishop of Botswana; Orlando, Bishop of Costa Rica; and in the Anglican Cycle of Prayer, we pray for Anglican Church of Southern Africa

People of Other Religions – Prayers for the people of all world religions, that we might share a spirit of respect, understanding and cooperation for the welfare and peace of the world

Leaders of All Nations – Donald, our President; Roy, our Governor; Vi, our Mayor; the Congress, the Courts, and all in authority

Those in Harm’s Way – U.S. Military; First Responders; for those affected by natural disasters and acts of violence

Our Community Partners in Mission and Outreach – especially Rama Road Elementary School

The sick in body, mind, or spirit – Carson Clough, Shirley Fleetwood, Brian Lorenz, David Dorminey, Betty Patterson, Charlotte Laughlin, Andy Costa, Johnsie Canny, Cliff Boylston, Lillie Cowan, Jim Corbett, Dwight Andrews, Anna Clifford, John Griffin, Arthur Middleton, and Peter Schreiner

For those who long to have children and for the expectant mothers in our parish –Lindsay Leary, Katheryn Woodruff, Ellen Rayburn, Stirling McDavid, Ashley Johnson, Alison Gallagher and Sara Yorke

Birth – Jean Everett Kelly, daughter of Wendelyn and Stafford Kelly

Death – Dale Poe, father of Nancy Poe; Georgia Crawford Orr, mother of Mary Orr; Dwain Carlson Andrews; Frank Troutman, grandfather of Clem McDavid

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