This Sunday


We pray for...

The Church – Justin, Archbishop of Canterbury; Michael, our Presiding Bishop; Sam and Anne, our Bishops; Metlha, Bishop of Botswana; Orlando, Bishop of Costa Rica; and in the Anglican Cycle of Prayer, we pray for the Church of the Province of Central Africa

Leaders of All Nations – Donald, our President; Roy, our Governor; Vi, our Mayor; the Congress, the Courts, and all in authority

Those in Harm’s Way – U.S. Military; First Responders; for those affected by natural disasters and acts of violence

The sick in body, mind, or spirit – Ellenor Lorman, Josh Woodhull, Annie Miller Daniels, Hontas Bidgood, Richard Martin, Bill Hamner, Jo Rankin, Anna Clifford, John Griffin, Elizabeth Flowers, Bill Patterson, Peter Payne, Arthur Middleton, and Peter Schreiner

For those who long to have children and for the expectant mothers in our parish –Lindsay Leary, Lauren Carter, Kate Leary, Merrill Mills, Haley McGahey, Annie Ninemire, Sarah Hayes, Martha Bonner, Liz Walsh, Claire Middleton, Wendelyn Kelly, and Meredith Riggins

Birth – William James Price, VII, grandson of Carrington and Bill Price; Robert Davis Stokes, grandson of Patti and Bill Stokes

Death – Carolyn Darr; Mary Brooks Zuccarelli; George William Ullrich, father of Chris Ullrich; Larry Jay Goldsmith, father of Larry Goldsmith, Jr.; Evelyn Woodward, mother of Margaret Bauer; Richard Middleton, father of Henry Middleton

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