Youth and Children's Ministry Leader Commitment

Youth and Children's Ministry Leader Covenant

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Youth and Children's Ministry Leader Opportunities

Please complete the below information to let us know you would like to rejoin the Sunday School leaders or other Youth leaders for 2020-21. Although we don't yet know how much formation we will be able to do in person starting this fall, we still have opportunities to nurture formation, gain and sustain connection, and be part of the faith journey and fellowship of our parish children and youth.

2020-21 Children's or Youth Leader

  •  In-person Leader - Children's or Youth Sunday School, Middle School EYC or High School Life Group.
  • Video Content Recorder - Record (via phone) reading a Bible story or lesson content, leading prayers, or similar.
  • Sample Craft Creator - Make the weekly sample craft, video (via phone) making it and take a final photo for weekly lessons.
  • Zoom Host - Lead short Zoom gatherings with grade-level or multi-grade groups to foster connection and check in with children.
  • Call/Text Family Connection Leader - Call or text with parents to check in with them to foster connection, support and community building.
  • Chapel Leader - Help lead Children's Chapel when we can return to onsite worship; video reading a Bible story/content for Children's worship time if we remain "offsite" for extended times.
  • Discovery Eucharist Altar Guild - (Team) Set up the altar on Sunday mornings for the 11:15 Discovery Eucharist.
  • In-person Floater - Check on Children's Sunday School classrooms and fill in for leaders as needed.
Please check all that would interest you:

Grade or Preschool Age Level Preferences (Check all that apply)

We thank you in advance for your willingness to serve the children and youth of Christ Church!


I understand that I will be asked to help as needed for the 2020-2021 program year. I understand that the process may change and I am ready and willing to be flexible.

Not This Year

Select above option if you are unable to serve in any of the listed opportunities. We will contact you in the future for other needs of service. We thank you for your time, love, service and commitment this program year!