Dear Friends,

Christ Church is a living church, a place where each one of us can cultivate an abundant life with God, and share that life with others. One year into our Faith and Courage Initiative, we are grateful for a strong and thriving ministry shaped by six life-giving priorities. With your generous support we are putting these priorities into practice, and we are called, and ready, to do much more. As we envision for the future, we invite you to join us in making your financial commitment to Christ Church. Your living generosity grows and sustains each and every ministry. Thank you for moving forward in Faith and Courage as we live and give together.

In Christ’s Love,
The Reverend Chip Edens, Rector 

The Faith and Courage Initiative sets forth six priorities for our parish. These priorities will be our guiding lights as we move into the next decade of loving God, caring for each other, and serving the world in the name of Christ.


…brought to life through your increased generosity:

  • $1,283,772 given to local and global outreach and mission
  • On-site Wellness Coordinator
  • Assistant Director for Youth and Family Ministry
  • Associate Director of Contemporary and Family Worship
  • Support groups – Survivors of Suicide and Dementia Caretakers
  • Curriculum – Sacred Ground, Christian Essentials, and The Space Between Us
  • Pilgrimages exploring civil rights history, the Holy Land, and origins of our faith
  • Worship happening in new places – Freedom Park and Southminster
  • Christ Church app

Everything we do at Christ Church is made possible by your generosity. Your increased pledge helps us live into our priorities.

Why We Give

  • We are created in the image of a giving God.
  • Jesus’ ministry was defined by giving.
  • Giving draws us into relationship with God and others.

Prayerful Considerations

  • Where does giving fit within my personal and spiritual priorities?
  • How does giving impact my personal and/or family spending?
  • In what ways does giving connect me to God and to other people?

2018 Gratitude Report