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Bishop Bingo for the Royal Wedding

05.19.18 | News & Articles

    We American Episcopalians are pretty excited about Bishop Curry's invitation to preach at the wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle on May 19. We anticipate hearing messages of love and grace, delivered with his usual passion and good...

    Lent 2019 Devotional Writers Invited

    04.16.18 | Adult Formation

      Did you know that 50 parishioners write for our Lenten devotional book each year? With input from parishioners, commission members, clergy and staff, we compile a list of over 100 potential writers who represent the diversity of ministry at...

      Family Lenten Calendar

      02.14.18 | Children

        FAMILY Calendar for Lent

        We encourage families with children two and older to participate in daily Lenten practices focused on loving God, neighbor, family, and self. What does it mean to love your neighbor? How do you connect to those who are different from you? Printed copies will be mailed to all families. You can also view it here »

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