About Our Program

Our curriculum promotes learning in a fun and engaging environment faithful to traditional Christian values. The boundaries of learning for each child are extended by encouraging the natural eagerness of every child to understand the world around them. Students are encouraged to explore and learn in a supportive and stimulating environment with a focus on developing a lifelong love of learning. Teachers and administrators work as a team to develop a thorough curriculum to encourage social, emotional, physical, and cognitive development to ensure the growth of the whole child. 

Social and Emotional

Development of communication skills in preschool children is essential. In the safe and nurturing environment of CCK, social interaction is encouraged through the use of classroom activities and routines. Students are encouraged to be themselves and learn to communicate/express their thoughts and emotions. By learning to recognize their own emotions and feelings, students begin to appreciate their unique identities and develop a sense of empathy for others.


Children’s early years are packed with cognitive milestones.  CCK’s program nurtures the development of these cognitive skills through age appropriate hands-on activities. Children are encouraged to use reasoning to develop perception, build memory skills and develop critical thinking (i.e., cause and effect).  By introducing   age appropriate cognitive activities into classrooms, our students thinking and reasoning skills are continually challenged and encouraged through positive learning experiences.


Encouraging the physical health and well being of each child is an important part of our program. Outdoor recess time and creative movement classes are two clear components to our physical curriculum but each classroom offers age appropriate opportunities to develop fine and gross motor skills, coordination, and mobility. Classroom opportunities are introduced through songs, art projects, games, and age appropriate manipulatives.