Fourth Grade Bible Information

Let us know your child would like to receive a Bible from us by registering below.

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We would love for your fourth grade child to participate in learning the books of the Bible.  Below are listed some fun ways to help and encourage your child with learning this life-long skill.  Make it a fun family-affair.  We plan to present Bibles to any children who would like to receive one, whether they fully memorize the books of the Bible or not.  Our hope is that the children want to participate so that they become comfortable opening, reading and using their Bibles now and as they mature in their faith journey.  Use the link above to tell us if your child would like to participate and receive a Bible in spring of 2022.  More information about the service will be emailed and posted here, closer to the spring worship service. 

Registration to participate closes November 11, 2021.

Ways to learn the Books of the Bible at home

Books of the Bible Memory Game (adapted from

  • Have a Bible handy.
  • Download and print two sets of the Books of the Bible cards.
  • Cut out the two sets.
  • Playing in a large space, shuffle both sets of Books of the Bible cards together and place them all facing down. 
  • Create two piles for players to draw from. (It may be helpful to play Old Testament Books, then New Testament Books to begin.)
  • Players flip over the cards to get matches. 

I’m Thinking of a Book (great to play in the car as it’s similar to “I Spy”)

  • Have a Bible handy.
  • Say “I’m thinking of a book that begins with the letter ___”
  • Encourage 4th graders to find a book beginning with that letter in the Bible.
  • Have kids show the book that they have found. (If you are driving, have them read a section of that book.)
  • After several rounds of calling out letters (or with kids who are more familiar with the Bible) challenge them by calling out something from the book (example– Moses leads the people out of Egypt) and have kids race to find the correct book in their Bible.

Roll the Die

  • Have children sit in a circle and provide a die (large die make this game more fun)
  • Take turns rolling the die.
  • As children roll the die, they should name as many books of the Bible as the number that shows up on the die.

Extra challenge:

  • Try not to name books that others have named.
  • Try to name the books in order... example: Matthew, Mark, Luke & John.
  • The previous player can challenge you to name only Old Testament or only New Testament books.
  • Challenge the group to name books in order all working together with each player adding on the next set of books.

Bible Book Build Family Challenge

  • Buy a set of Jenga blocks (or a similar set of blocks) and write the name of a book of the Bible on the side of each of the blocks.
  • Spread the blocks out in middle of the playing area. 
  • Make three labels that will represent the three sections to be built: 
    (1) Genesis to Proverbs
    (2) Ecclesiastes to Malachi
    (3) New Testament
  • At the “GO” signal, the player will begin to divide the blocks into each section until all the blocks (books) are in order of where they fall in the Bible.

Lego Bible Books
(similar to the Jenga game above but instead uses large Legos)

  • Buy a set of large Legos (link to some on Amazon)
  • Write the names of all the books of the Bible on a slip of paper and then tape it to the Legos.
  • Encourage children to arrange the Legos in the order they are found as books in the Bible.