Faith Forum

Faith Forum is a long-running, nationally recognized series of talks with leading thinkers, bestselling authors, business leaders, philosophers, artists, and theologians of our time. These conversations are led by The Reverend Chip Edens in a casual atmosphere of fellowship with a focus on spiritual growth. 

Embracing Fear, Finding Courage

How do we cross the chasm from fear to hope? As we live into the Faith and Courage Initiative, this season's Faith Forum guests will inspire us with their courage and embolden us to think and act differently.

Spencer Merriweather

Sunday, January 20
10:00 AM, All Saints' Hall

Spencer Merriweather, District Attorney of Mecklenburg Country, earned his law degree from UNC-Chapel Hill and an undergraduate degree from Princeton University. As an Assistant District Attorney, Spencer sought justice for homicide victims, prosecuted assault cases, and worked in drug treatment courts to help offenders confront addictions. Join Spencer and The Reverend Chip Edens as they discuss what redemption, healing, and forgiveness look like in our lives and in Charlotte.

Anna Dulaney and Christopher Griggs

Sunday, January 27
10:00 AM, All Saints' Hall

The Reverend Lisa Saunders will lead a special Wellness Panel with Anna Dulaney, PharmD, DABAT, Director of Carolinas Poison Control and Christopher Griggs, MD, MPH, Emergency Physician at Carolinas Medical Center. Overdoses, fueled by opioids, are the leading cause of death in Americans under the age of 50. Join Anna and Christopher for expert views on the current state of how medicine can be used for restorative wellness instead of fueling an epidemic.

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Dawn Huebner

Sunday, January 13

Dawn Huebner, PhD, is a clinical psychologist specializing in the treatment of anxious children and their parents. As a parent coach, author, and parent of a once-anxious child, Dawn created What to Do Guides for Kids that teach complex psychological concepts to children. Dawn’s TEDX talk on "Rethinking Anxiety" has been viewed over half a million times. She is the author of numerous books, including the bestselling What to Do When You Worry Too Much and more recently, Outsmarting Worry. Dawn and The Reverend Chip Edens will explore parenting courageously. 

Ned Hallowell

Sunday, January 6

Ned Hallowell, M.D., is a board-certified child and adult psychiatrist, author of 20 books, international speaker, and a leading authority in the field of mental health. Ned is the founder of The Hallowell Centers in Boston, New York, San Francisco, and Seattle which provide cognitive and emotional health to help unwrap the gifts of the mind. Ned has devoted his life to wellness and traveling the world to help educate, inform, and inspire. Join Ned and The Reverend Chip Edens as they explore living with less fear in 2019. 

Meg Jay

Sunday, November 11

Clinical psychologist, professor of education at the University of Virginia, and author, Meg Jay weaves the latest research with complex realities and stereotypes. In her book, Supernormal, Meg explores the secret, inner world of those who are resilient, and shows that being resilient is much more complicated and courageous than most people realize.

Tad and Elizabeth Roach

Sunday, November 4

Visionary educators Tad and Elizabeth Roach share a courageous passion for equipping and empowering “Christian character” in children and youth. As a civic leader, author, and Head of School at St. Andrew’s School, Tad Roach speaks and writes extensively about school culture, educational reform, leadership, and diversity. Elizabeth Roach is the Dean of Teaching and Learning at St. Andrew’s, as well as a varsity coach.

Matthew Stanford

Sunday, October 28

Matthew Stanford is the Chief Executive Officer of the Hope and Healing Center & Institute in Houston, Texas, which focuses on transformation lives and restoring hope. He is an adjunct professor at Baylor College of Medicine, author of over 100 peer-reviewed articles in psychology, psychiatry, and neuroscience, and focuses his research on the interplay between psychology and issues of faith. 


Pittman McGehee

Sunday, October 14

Episcopal Priest, Jungian analyst, author, and Director of the Institute for the Advancement of Psychology and Spirituality, Pittman McGehee is a gifted mentor and practitioner of finding God and spirituality where you are. As a world-renowned lecturer Pittman takes a courageous and analytical approach to helping others grow spiritually by bringing together the conscious and unconscious parts of the mind.

Leighton Ford

Sunday, October 7

A gifted minister, author, and spiritual leader, Leighton Ford has spoken to Christians around the world, helping them cultivate an abundant faith and live courageous lives. Leighton is devoted to raising up younger leaders to spread the message of Christ worldwide. Leighton describes his mission now as "artist of the soul, friend on the journey." This reflects his avocation as an artist, as seen in his just-published Places of the Heart, a coffee table inspirational volume of his poetry, paintings, and reflections.