Faith Forum

Faith Forum is a long-running, nationally recognized series of talks with leading thinkers, bestselling authors, business leaders, philosophers, artists, and theologians of our time. These conversations are led by The Reverend Chip Edens in a casual atmosphere of fellowship with a focus on spiritual growth. 

This year we are exploring generosity: What it means in a faith context, and how God’s abundant love can flow through us to others and out into the world.  



Ann Clark

Sunday, April 30

Where We Have Been and Where We Are Going in Public Education - Superintendent Ann Clark has served the Charlotte Mecklenburg School System for 34 years, from teaching to administration. She will share her thoughts on past successes such as the increasing graduation rate, and the challenges that lie ahead, such as reversing the re-segregation of our schools. As a member of Christ Church, Ann can speak to the importance of Christ Church’s partnership with Rama Road Elementary School and other opportunities to support the public education of children. VIEW VIDEO »

Anne Lamott

Thursday, April 6, Ovens Auditorium

Hallelujah Anyway - Christ Church and The Reverend Chip Edens host Anne Lamott for a discussion about her new book, Hallelujah Anyway, followed by a question/answer time. The book is a powerful exploration of mercy, its limitless (if sometimes hidden) presence, why we ignore it, and how we can embrace it. Copies are available in the GoodNews Shop.

Tom Franz

Sunday, April 2

Cultural Dexterity in a Changing World - Cultural dexterity allows us to be open-minded in relationships with people who look, act, and believe differently. Jesus invites us to be interested in “the other” instead of uncertain. Join us to explore this concept with Tom Franz, Headmaster of Trinity Episcopal School in Charlotte. Tom has over 30 years of teaching and administration experience and is committed to embracing diversity, creating scholars, and nurturing the spiritual lives of children and youth. VIEW VIDEO » 

The Very Reverend Walter Brownridge

Sunday, March 26

Reconciliation: Repairers of the Breach - Faith is often expressed privately, but what does faith look like in the public square? How do we promote reconciliation in a divided community and country? Walter Brownridge is the former Dean of the Cathedral of St. Andrew in Honolulu and previously served in the Diocese of Cape Town, South Africa. His tenure there forged an enduring interest in political theology and the role of religion and faith-based organizations in public policy. VIEW VIDEO »

Katherine Tyler-Scott

Sunday, March 12

Developing Trust, Managing Conflict - Trust is the essential element in healing, reconciliation, and accomplishing any substantial goal. When trust is broken, conflict emerges, and many struggle to manage conflict in healthy and constructive ways. Katherine Tyler-Scott is certified in conflict resolution, mediation, and negotiation by the Harvard Negotiation Project, and works with large corporate and non-profit organizations to manage complex challenges and achieve desired goals in ways that build trust, integrity, and effectiveness. In a conversation with The Reverend Matt Holcombe, Katherine will share her approach to facilitating change and achieving reconciliation in organizations and communities experiencing conflict. VIEW VIDEO »

Arie Kruglanski

Sunday, March 5

The Price of Certainty - During times of fear and anxiety, our need for certainty increases and we tend to make judgements quickly, regardless of facts. Arie Kruglanski, a world-renowned researcher in binary thinking, human judgement, and belief formation, has coined the term “cognitive closure” to describe how we close our minds to new information once we’ve made a decision. The Reverend Chip Edens will explore this phenomenon and its implications with Dr. Kruglanski in a fascinating and enlightening Faith Forum. VIEW VIDEO »

Tad Roach

Sunday, February 26

Lessons Learned: 20 Years in Secondary Education - As Headmaster of St. Andrew's School, Tad Roach has a vision for forming teenagers. It involves the intellectual skills and habits of mind that are necessary for success and citizenship and engagement in the 21st century; issues of character and issues of integrity and morality that are going to be increasingly important; and the increased understanding of diversity in our world. Come hear Tad Roach share his vision for the education and formation of teenagers and young adults. VIEW VIDEO »

The Reverend Canon Jan Cope

Provost, Washington National Cathedral

Sunday, February 5
When Life Gives You an Earthquake - Nearly ten years ago, the Washington National Cathedral was on the brink of being completed when a once-in-100-years earthquake struck. What happens when earthquakes strike our lives? How do we live in response to unwanted change? Join us as we explore the spirituality of being "a work in progress." VIEW VIDEO »

Dr. Alyson Kuroski-Mazzei & Dr. Tom Gettelman on Mental Illness

Sunday, January 22

The Reverend Chip Edens will talk with Dr. Alyson Kuroski-Mazzei, CEO, and Dr. Tom Gettelman, Chief Clinical Officer of HopeWay, a supportive therapeutic community that meets the needs of adults and families living with mental illness in the Charlotte region. Learn what resources are available at HopeWay as we break down the stigma of mental illness and reveal how hope, excellence, and trust are part of the solution. VIEW VIDEO »

Stephen Smith

Sunday, November 20
From Homeless to Home and Self-Sufficient - Stephen Smith is the Executive Director of Charlotte Family Housing. He will discuss the enormous challenges for families whose incomes cannot cover minimal costs of living in Charlotte. Join us to learn how Charlotte Family Housing is serving these families, and how we can be agents of change for them and for our city. Led by The Reverend Marty Hedgpeth and Alice Marleaux. VIEW VIDEO »

Kathy Izard

Sunday, November 13
Author of The Hundred Story Home, Kathy is a talented developer, designer, consultant, and social change activist. Inspired to do more, Kathy changed the course of her life and took on the seemingly insurmountable task of building housing for Charlotte’s homeless. She says: “If you are restless and searching for a purpose in life, I know exactly how you feel, because that was me ten years ago. If you start to listen, I believe something is calling you, too. Whatever it is big or small, I encourage you to Trust the Whisper.” VIEW VIDEO »

Walter Brueggemann

Sunday, October 23
One of the most influential Bible interpreters of the 21st century and author of over 100 books, Walter is an ordained minister who makes the pages of the Bible come alive through his prophetic wisdom, explanation, and interpretation. VIEW VIDEO »


Sue Johnson

Sunday, October 9
Clinical psychologist, author, research, professor, and innovator in the field of relationships and couples therapy, Sue is the innovator of Emotionally Focused Therapy (EFT) used by therapists around the world, and author of the bestseller, Hold Me Tight. Sue zeros in on what she sees as the critical element of any relationship - the emotional connection. She explores what it is, how we lose it, and how we can regain it. Her work applies not only to romantic relationships, but every relationship. VIEW VIDEO »

 Malcolm Guite

Sunday, September 18
World-renowned poet, author, singer-songwriter, priest, musician, and gifted theologian, Malcolm is the Chaplain at the University in Cambridge, England and travels extensively sharing his many gifts and love of the gospels. VIEW VIDEO »