Faith Forum

Faith Forum is a long-running, nationally recognized series of talks with leading thinkers, bestselling authors, business leaders, philosophers, artists, and theologians of our time. These conversations are led by The Reverend Chip Edens in a casual atmosphere of fellowship with a focus on spiritual growth. 

Embracing Fear, Finding Courage

How do we cross the chasm from fear to hope? As we launch our new Faith and Courage Initiative, this season's Faith Forum guests will inspire us with their courage and embolden us to think and act differently.

Leighton Ford

Sunday, October 7
10:00 AM, All Saints' Hall

A gifted minister, author, and spiritual leader, Leighton Ford has spoken to Christians around the world, helping them cultivate an abundant faith and live courageous lives. Leighton is devoted to raising up younger leaders to spread the message of Christ worldwide. Leighton describes his mission now as "artist of the soul, friend on the journey." This reflects his avocation as an artist, as seen in his just-published Places of the Heart, a coffee table inspirational volume of his poetry, paintings, and reflections.

Pittman McGehee

Sunday, October 14
10:00 AM, All Saints' Hall

Episcopal Priest, Jungian analyst, author, and Director of the Institute for the Advancement of Psychology and Spirituality, Pittman McGehee is a gifted mentor and practitioner of finding God and spirituality where you are. As a world-renowned lecturer Pittman takes a courageous and analytical approach to helping others grow spiritually by bringing together the conscious and unconscious parts of the mind.

Bishop Anne Hodges-Copple

Monday, October 15
2:30 PM, All Saints' Hall

Special presentation as part of the Discipleship Matters Conference. See details below.



Bishop Sam Rodman 

Monday, October 15
7:30 PM, All Saints' Hall

Christ Church Charlotte is honored to host the 2018 Discipleship Matters Conference, sponsored by Forward Movement and Renewal Works. This national conference explores Christian formation for disciples, scripture engagement, habits of daily prayer, serving the poor, and sharing the Good News. Bishop Sam Rodman, Bishop of North Carolina, and Bishop Anne Hodges-Copple, Suffragan Bishop of North Carolina, will speak about why discipleship matters at special Faith Forums during the conference. 

Matthew Stanford

Sunday, October 28
10:00 AM, All Saints' Hall

Matthew Stanford is the Chief Executive Officer of the Hope and Healing Center & Institute in Houston, Texas, which focuses on transformation lives and restoring hope. He is an adjunct professor at Baylor College of Medicine, author of over 100 peer-reviewed articles in psychology, psychiatry, and neuroscience, and focuses his research on the interplay between psychology and issues of faith.

Tad and Elizabeth Roach

Sunday, November 4
10:00 AM, All Saints' Hall

Visionary educators Tad and Elizabeth Roach share a courageous passion for equipping and empowering “Christian character” in children and youth. As a civic leader, author, and Head of School at St. Andrew’s School, Tad Roach speaks and writes extensively about school culture, educational reform, leadership, and diversity. Elizabeth Roach is the Dean of Teaching and Learning at St. Andrew’s, as well as a varsity coach.

Meg Jay

Sunday, November 11
10:00 AM, All Saints' Hall

Clinical psychologist, professor of education at the University of Virginia, and author, Meg Jay weaves the latest research with complex realities and stereotypes. In her book, Supernormal, Meg explores the secret, inner world of those who are resilient, and shows that being resilient is much more complicated and courageous than most people realize.

recent past Faith Forums

The Very Reverend Tracey Lind: Living With Dementia

Sunday, January 28
10:00 AM, All Saints' Hall

Tracey is a newly retired Episcopal priest and city planner whose ministry has included work for social and environmental justice, interfaith relations, sustainable urban development, arts and culture, and progressive theology. Most recently, Tracey’s  ministry has extended to include the spiritual insights and lessons she has gained from a life complicated by dementia. Tracey is also the author of Interrupted by God: Glimpses from the Edge. View the video »

Rabbi Judy Schindler

Sunday, April 22
10:00 AM, All Saints' Hall

Rabbi Judy Schindler, Professor of Jewish Studies and Director of the Stan Greenspon Center for Peace and Social Justice at Queens University of Charlotte. Judy served at Temple Beth El in Charlotte from 1998 to 2016 and serves on the Executive Committee of the Charlotte Clergy Coalition for Justice and is co-chair of the Clergy Council of the Association of Reform Zionists of America. Judy co-authored Recharging Judaism: How Civic Engagement is Good for Synagogues, Jews, and America (CCAR Press, 2018), a book on recharging congregations through civic engagement and moving the religious community from volunteerism to advocacy.  

The Reverend Rodney Sadler

Sunday, April 29
10:00 AM, All Saints' Hall

The Reverend Dr. Rodney Sadler is Associate Professor of Bible and Director of the Center for Social Justice and Reconciliation at Union Presbyterian Seminary in Charlotte, NC. He is an ordained Baptist minister and author of Can A Cushite Change His Skin: An Examination of Race, Ethnicity, and Othering in the Hebrew Bible. Rodney serves as Board President of Meck Min; on the boards of the Hispanic Summer Program, the Transformative Justice Coalition, the National Election Defense Coalition, the Voting Rights Alliance, and Progress NC; and on the Executive Committee of the North Carolina NAACP.   

Imam Atif Chaudhry

Sunday, May 6
10:00 AM, All Saints' Hall

Imam Atif Chaudhry grew up in New Jersey, where he completed his memorization of the Holy Qur’an at an early age. As a young adult Atif traveled to Pakistan and studied in the Islamic Seminary of Darul Uloom Muhammadiya Ghausia for two years, and then studied Shari’ah sciences as well as law in the International Islamic University of Islamabad for five years. Since March 2014, Imam Atif has been the Imam of the Islamic Society of Greater Charlotte, where he teaches several classes, focuses on community-building, and gives lectures on Islamic topics.