Gesell Testing Request

Request for Gesell Testing for Kindergarten Students

Jenny Beaumont, from Swan Learning Center, is available to assess children using the Gesell Assessment.

The assessment usually takes 20-35 minutes. Once completed, Jenny will make an appointment to share the results with the parent(s). After the assessment and conference, Swan shares the results with CCK administration.

The testing fee of $125, which includes the conference to discuss the results, is payable to Swan Learning Center.

Current CCK Students

The Gesell Assessment is completed at CCK for current students. Jenny will contact the CCK administration to determine a day and time to do the assessment. She will contact the parents after the assessment to schedule the follow-up appointment.

Prospective CCK Students

For students not currently enrolled at CCK, the assessment and the follow-up conference are completed at Swan Learning Center, 427 South Sharon Amity Road, Suite A, Charlotte, NC 28211. 704-442-1718.

To arrange an assessment, please complete this form.

Gesell Testing Request



Parent Contact

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Testing Options

Current CCK students may be assessed during the school day at CCK. Payment ($125) may be made by check payable to Swan Learning Center via CCK. Prospective CCK students are assessed at Swan Learning Center.

My child is currently enrolled at CCK.

My child is a prospective CCK student. Please have Swan Learning Center contact me to schedule an appointment. Preferred day and time: