Living a Generous Marriage

Generosity is one of the primary factors for successful marriages, according to research. Couples who give to one another freely and abundantly report being “very happy” in their marriages. 

Conversations for Living a Generous Marriage

Take part in this opportunity to connect and grow with your partner. Twelve couple conversation ideas for a night out or a night in will be offered, with a new one posted every two weeks. Subscribe to receive a text or email reminder when new material is available.

Part III: Caring for the Soul of Your Marriage

“they may grow in love and peace with you and one another all the days of their life” -Book of Common Prayer, the Celebration of Holy Matrimony

Marriage is ultimately more about holiness than it is about happiness. Two people marry and vow to love and cherish one another throughout all possible difficulties and challenges. It’s a sacred promise that will ask from us sacrifice, patience, forgiveness, humility and forbearance, and yet marriage is also intended for our mutual joy. We partner with God in the holy work of loving our spouse to be his or her best self. It is a covenant that also gives to us someone who is committed to loving us and nurturing our personal growth despite our many and persistent flaws. 

It was at a wedding that Jesus changed water into wine. Within every marriage, God stands ready to perform a similar miracle – to transform the raw material of two lives into a spirited, potent, holy union.

1. Talk about a time when you were struggling with something and felt particularly supported by your spouse.                                                                    

2. Talk about a time when you felt blessed to be forgiven by your spouse.

3. Talk about a time when you were touched by your spouse’s display of courage or compassion for you or someone else.

4. What do you believe about prayer? What struggles do you have with prayer?      

5. What do you think would be important to pray for as a couple?

6. What do you want God to do for your marriage in the coming year?

7. What does your spouse do that encourages and supports your spirituality?

8. What do you do together, or what could you do together, that fosters spiritual growth?


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