Funeral Services at Christ Church

The information on this page is designed to answer the most common questions that parishioners have when planning a funeral for a loved one. If you have other questions or concerns, we are happy to assist you. Please call 704-333-0378.

There is no charge for the following:

  • Use of the Church for funeral service 
  • Memorial Garden/interment of ashes 
  • Service bulletins 
  • Funeral service ushers 
  • Room for family to gather prior to the service
  • Reception following the service: cookies/small pastries and lemonade/water are provided*

*Receptions after funerals:  The Caring Guild at Christ Church is made up of volunteers who host, serve and bake for receptions after funerals.  It is their privilege to offer this ministry so grieving families can turn their attention to receiving friends and be comforted in their loss.  The reception fare includes water and lemonade, and ample cookies, brownies, and the like.  There is no fee for this ministry, whether hundreds or thousands are served.  The incidental costs of the receptions are supported by parishioners’ pledges to the church’s annual budget.

It is our policy to keep the food and drink offered at all receptions the same.  We do not allow additional catering of food.  In this way, no one person’s reception gives the appearance of being more important than another’s. 

Honorariums (suggested)

  • Clergy (applied to the Rector’s/Associate Rector’s Discretionary Fund) $150-250 


  • Organist (applied to the Music Ministry Fund of Christ Church) $250
  • Plaque for Memorial Garden wall $150
  • DVD and live streaming of the church service via web $150
  • Sexton fee for a Saturday or Sunday funeral $100


Families supply flowers for the altar and often a centerpiece for the reception. The urn liner size for our altar flower urns is 4R. Flowers can be ordered from a florist of your choice. We most often work with these florists: 

  • Blossom Shop, 704-372-4447 
  • Charlotte’s Garden, 704-353-5353
  • Elizabeth House, 704-342-3919 

Supplemental Musicians or Vocalists

Soloists and additional musicians can be arranged through the music department of Christ Church; for example, a violinist or vocalist can usually be contracted for a fee of $200.

Local Funeral Homes and Services

Christ Church often works with these funeral homes/services:

  • T.H. Robertson Funeral Service, 704-752-7710
  • Kenneth W. Poe Funeral and Cremation Services, 704-641-7606
  • Hankins and Whittington, 704-333-6116 
  • Harry and Bryant, 704-332-7133