Freedom School

Freedom School Engages, Educates, and Empowers  June 22- July 30

Freedom School is a six-week summer program led by college interns that combats summer learning loss by providing a unique program that unlocks the long-term potential of children in grades K-8 with limited means by igniting their passion for reading and learning. With a focus on literacy, character education, and community involvement, Christ Church hosts a Freedom School site at Rama Road Elementary School. We hope you will be a part of this fun, transformational, and joyful program. Learn more about Freedom School in this excellent 5-minute video »


View a short video to see what Harambee is all about »

Raise your voice in song, clap, stomp, jump and lift your heart - join the joyful noise at Freedom School Harambee! Every weekday morning, a community member joins the merriment of songs and cheers of Harambee and reads a story to the 60 scholars. It is a 30-minute time commitment from 8:30 - 9:00 AM and is sure to start your day off on a joyful note!


Each week Freedom School Scholars enjoy a variety of activities away from Rama Road Elementary. Chaperones are needed on those special field trips to support Freedom School staff while away from the school. Chaperones can be 15 years or older and must provide their own transportation and entry fee to the field trip locations.

Great day of d.e.a.r. (drop everything and read)

The Great Day of D.E.A.R. is an opportunity to share your love of reading with our Rama Road Freedom School community! Join us in July as Rama Road Freedom School drops everything and reads. During this time, you will get to share new reading adventures and educational activities with one of 60 scholars. 

Intern Appreciation

Help us show our gratitude to the dedicated college students and site coordinators who work with our scholars. Provide small treats, gift cards, or other tokens of appreciation for our site's ten staffers.  

Supply Shopping

Seventy scholars need lots of paper, glue, scissors and craft supplies as they learn through creative activities. Weekly shoppers can take our list and pick up required materials for the following week. 

General Help

Help our interns with classroom set-up, parent meetings, Jubilee, and end-of-season pack-up.  Your helping hands will be so appreciated. High school youth welcome; Middle School youth must be accompanied by an adult. 

To sign up click here. Questions? Contact Laura Konitzer