Christ Church Foundation

For over fifty years, the Christ Episcopal Church Foundation has enhanced the good works of Christ Church by managing and directing private funding for religious and charitable purposes.

All gifts to the Christ Church Foundation will be endowed in perpetuity, with investment proceeds used to enhance the good works of Christ Church. The Foundation is comprised of six funds, each of which is focused on a specific area of need.

Outreach Fund

The Outreach Fund directs funds to enhance the outreach ministries of Christ Episcopal Church. The generosity of many longtime parishioners and donors has enabled the distribution of gifts to support a variety of outreach activities.

Scholarship Fund

The Scholarship Fund makes annual scholarship grants to qualified applicants. These grants provide funding for undergraduate college and seminary students. Awards are based on financial need, good citizenship, academic record, and involvement in extracurricular activities.

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Habitat for Humanity Fund

The Habitat for Humanity Fund supports Christ Church's commitment to contribute funds and labor to the construction of a Habitat home each year.

Property Plant and Equipment Fund

The Property Plant and Equipment Fund manages and directs funds given for the capital needs of the buildings and grounds of Christ Episcopal Church. These funds provide for the repair, replacement, improvement, and refurbishment of the property, plant and equipment of the Church.

Clergy Housing

One of the largest and most active Episcopal parishes in the country, Christ Church is also known for the caliber of its clergy. The Clergy Housing Fund helps Christ Church attract and keep outstanding clergy, and enables them to live in and become immersed in our parish neighborhoods.

Unrestricted Fund

These monies are used to fund extraordinary opportunities or unforeseen needs of the congregation or the larger community served by Christ Church.

In recent years, the Christ Church Foundation:

  • Funded scholarships to parishioners for college, continuing education and seminary.
  • Assisted in underwriting one Habitat for Humanity House each year.
  • Provided funds for the capital projects at Christ Episcopal Church, including the purchase of a new heat pump for the Chapel, stone repair for the bell tower, and sound proofing for the Blue Room.
  • Contributed to a variety of other organizations in need.


Gifts to the Foundation may be made in the form of cash, stocks and bonds, real estate, life insurance bequests payable upon the death of the donor, or other income including property. A gift may be made at any time, or may be made in the name of the donor or may be made as an honorarium or memorial for someone the donor wants to recognize.

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About the Foundation

2021 Board of Trustees
Suzanne Bledsoe, President
Carrington Coulter, Treasurer
Marks Arnold
Hooper Hardison
David Kern
Mary Kluttz
Mark Mealy
Emily Smith
Paul Tolmie

Non-Voting Representatives
Chip Edens, Rector
Joan Kilian, Associate Rector, Outreach
Doug Ey, Senior Warden
Randall Mountcastle, Junior Warden
Kathleen Dean, Outreach Commission Chair
Wendy Mauney, Chief Operating Officer
Laura Konitzer, Director of Outreach and Mission
Frank Horne, Chair, Planned Giving

Christ Episcopal Church Foundation, Inc. was organized in 1962 to receive and maintain funds of real or personal property, and to use the funds solely for religious or charitable purposes. Distributions and contributions made by the Foundation are given either directly to recipients or given to organizations that qualify as exempt organizations under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code.

The Foundation has discretion to direct funding for unrestricted gifts. The Foundation distributes restricted gifts in accordance with the terms of restrictions established by the donors.

The Foundation is managed by a Board of Trustees consisting of twelve members of the parish, nine of whom are elected by the Vestry, and three of whom are the presiding Senior Warden, Junior Warden, and Chairperson of the Outreach Commission. The nine elected trustees serve three-year terms, and may serve up to two consecutive terms. The Rector serves as an ex-officio member of the Board.

Questions concerning the Foundation should be directed to any member of the Foundation's Board of Trustees or the Rector. Forms for directing a gift to the Foundation are available at the Christ Church office, located at 1412 Providence Road, Charlotte, NC, 28207, or by contacting the Director of Stewardship. The Christ Church office telephone number is 704-333-0378.