Easter Egg Hunt

Easter Sunday, April 12

Mark your calendars for the annual Christ Church Easter Egg Hunt immediately following the 11:15 AM Easter worship services. 

How to participate

If your child or children would like to participate (recommended for ages 8 and under), please drop off two dozen plastic eggs per child, filled with wrapped candy items by April 9. Please be mindful of choking hazards. Collection bins will be located inside the Rotunda.

On Easter morning, please bring your children’s baskets to Church so that children can proceed to the hunt immediately following the service. See below for additional details.

If you have any questions or would like to help hide eggs or assist with the hunt, please contact Grace Bailey at .


Children will proceed directly from the worship space to the egg hunt. More specific instructions will be given during the services.

Children attending worship in All Saints’ Hall will hunt in three separate areas:
Ages 0 - 2: Lawn (Providence Road side of church)
Ages 3 - 5: Toddler playground (Providence Road side)
Ages 6 - 8: Older playground (Beverly Drive)

Children will proceed from All Saints’ Hall with their age group and parent(s). If you have children in different age groups, please go with your youngest child’s age group. Adult volunteers will escort and supervise the older (ages 6 - 8) group. Children will not be allowed to leave the older playground without a parent, so you must pick up your child after the hunt.

All children attending worship in the Sanctuary will hunt eggs in the Memorial Garden. 

Rain plan will be posted here if necessary.