Christian Essentials

Christian Essentials invites participants to explore, grow, and deepen their faith and life with God. The Christ Church Spiritual Growth Commission has curated a holistic curriculum to help parishioners live a Christ-centered life. Three six-week sessions have been developed, covering 15 topics essential to the Christian life:

  • Love God: Worship, Bible Study, Spiritual Practices, Basics of Faith, Stewardship

  • Care for Each Other: Care and Support, Relationships, Wellness, Hospitality, Gifts

  • Serve the World: Outreach and Mission, Justice, Charity, Reconciliation, Servant Leadership

Each module invites participants to learn relevant information about one of the essentials, apply what they have learned to their faith journey, and build practices to deepen their relationship with God, neighbor, world, and self. The LAB (Learn, Apply, Build) provides the framework for each module. 

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Christian Essentials Groups

Each group meets for five or six weeks, 90 minutes per week, with 8 - 10 participants and two facilitators. The Christian Essentials notebook provides all the resources and tools needed for the journey. In addition, Christ Church clergy have recorded videos to be used with each of the modules. In summary, we’ve pulled out all the stops to create something that will inspire, inform, and transform! All Christian Essentials groups require advanced registration.

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