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Welcome Scottie Stamper

October 20, 2021

    New Director of Adult Spiritual Formation

    Please join us in welcoming Scottie Stamper to our staff!

    As an ordained minister, Scottie has served as a youth minister, board-certified chaplain, and a clergy wellness coach for Duke University’s School of Divinity. She served for many years in the healthcare industry as an organizational and leadership development educator.

    The central thread of her work -- helping people find ways to live their life abundantly (John 10:10) -- brings her back to her original calling to work in the church. As a lifelong learner, Scottie most recently completed her Doctorate in Education at UNC-Charlotte. In her free time, she enjoys Broadway shows and being outdoors.

    Please feel free to send Scottie a welcome email at , or stop by the office to say hi!