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Sunday School Teachers are HEROS!

BY: Anne Cullen

May 01, 2016

    Teaching Sunday School cultivates God-given super powers and leads to spiritual growth.

    If you had the choice of any super power, which would you choose? This question is often posed at dinner parties, coffee houses, or on personality tests. It’s always interesting and revealing to hear how someone would take advantage of the chance to defy the laws of reality, and which power they think is the greatest.

    It probably won’t surprise you that I passionately believe our Sunday School teaching team members are superheroes. Almost every Sunday morning from mid-September to mid-May, they come in from activity-filled weekends to greet our children, pull out their Bibles to explore scripture, and wrestle with how to make these rich stories relevant in the lives of our children today.

    About now you are probably thinking: “Wow, I’m off the hook. I have no super powers – no one would want me on a Sunday School team. I cannot leap tall buildings, or move faster than a speeding bullet …”

    We all have God-given super powers nestled inside of us. Sometimes, we just need a boost of confidence or a new experience to reveal them. As Christians, we are inspired by Bible stories about our superheroes of the past, whose super powers always come from God.

    Are you good at telling stories? Do you love to welcome children, or have you been searching for a way to engage in more Bible study? Do you wonder how you can make a difference in the lives of children when your schedule is already overflowing? Our Sunday School teaching teams need all of these super powers and more … a willing heart and the courage to engage in the mystery of our faith with children who sometimes ask hard questions.

    Need More Information?

    Each teaching team is comprised of six members – four lead teachers and two assistants. The lead teacher plans and leads the class time while the assistants help to ensure the class runs smoothly. Lead teachers serve less frequently than assistants but spend more time outside of the Sunday School hour preparing the lesson. We encourage all teaching team members to stop by their classrooms when they are at Church to greet the children and build relationships with them. On average, it’s a four- to six-hour-a-month commitment.

    We provide the lesson plans, support and guidance, additional activities like music and art, team members to share the responsibility, and of course, the children – full of wonder, insight, and an abundance of energy.

    It is a commitment that comes with immeasurable rewards! So gather your red cape and let’s reveal Christ to our children. 

    To join a teaching team for the 2016 - 2017 school year or ask questions, please contact Anne Cullen at or 704-714-6944.

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