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Seeking a New Associate Rector

January 29, 2020

Christ Church is seeking a creative, grounded Associate Rector to join a gifted, collegial clergy team in the shared work of preaching, teaching, pastoral care and programmatic leadership. We are a very large congregation of 5600 engaged parishioners who are committed to our mission to love God, care for each other, and serve the world. This unique role is one of vision, support and empowerment.

In addition to worship leadership and other important clergy roles, our new Associate Rector will be an inclusive visionary who can engage, equip, and empower families while leading a team of six outstanding professionals in youth and children’s ministry. We envision dynamic worship opportunities for all ages, innovative spiritual practices that can occur at home, and unique experiences that are transformative and intergenerational. With an increasingly mobile congregation, we also envision programs that fully utilize website and mobile applications to meet our families where they are when they are not in church. We hope that what our associate creates here will become a model and an inspiration to the wider Church of how to minister effectively to children, youth, and families in the 21st century.

We are blessed to have a tremendously gifted 50-member staff team which we anticipate building and expanding in the coming years. We are equally blessed with an energetic, ambitious, and motivated group of parishioners that call Christ Church their spiritual home.

What we’re looking for at Christ Church Charlotte may surprise you, and in turn, we hope that you will surprise us.


If you feel called to apply for this position, please review the profile and submit your materials by March 30, 2020.