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We hope you’ll consider making Christ Church your spiritual home.

Membership is not required; anyone who worships with us on a regular basis is a part of this congregation, whether or not they officially become a member. However, everyone is invited and encouraged to join Christ Church through transfer of membership from another church, baptism, or confirmation at Christ Church.

How to become a Member

Transfer of Membership
If you are transferring your membership from another church, please complete the Membership Information Form. Be sure to provide the name and address of the church where your membership is currently held.

The basic requirement for "membership" in any Episcopal Church is baptism. The Episcopal Church recognizes baptism which occurs in all other Christian denominations. Written notification of baptism from a different Christian church is sufficient. People desiring to be baptized at Christ Church may contact one of our clergy or call the Church office at 704-333-0378.

"Confirmed" indicates that a person has undergone laying on of hands by an Episcopal Bishop in a congregational worship service. When someone has been confirmed in another Episcopal congregation, a letter of membership can be transferred from the previous congregation. When someone has been confirmed by a Bishop in the Catholic, Lutheran or Eastern Orthodox Church, that person can be received by an Episcopal Bishop in a service.

This annual service with one of our Bishops usually takes place in the summer. Our Adult Confirmation and Inquirers Course begins in late winter and continues through the spring on Sunday mornings. 

These classes are for any adult who wishes to be confirmed in the Episcopal Church, for any confirmed Episcopalian who wishes to learn the basics of faith, and for anyone who simply wants to explore what we believe. The classes explore the basics of Christianity (God, Jesus, the Holy Spirit, history of the Church, etc.) as well as the way the Episcopal Church lives out that basic faith through worship according to The Book of Common Prayer, Bible study, and service to others. Registration is required. 

For more information, visit this page or contact Jenny Beaumont, 704-714-6945.

Eighth Grade Confirmation
Our eighth grade students typically participate in confirmation classes as a group each fall. For more information, contact Betsy Parkhurst at   704-714-6972.

Want More Information?
If you are seeking a church and have never been on our campus before, or if you’re new to the church and would like to know more about us, we invite you to fill out this Newcomer Interest Form so that we may personally welcome you, answer your questions, and help you navigate to classrooms, nursery, or other locations on campus.