Renewing Our Vision

The Renewing Our Vison committee will seek to understand and embrace what our parishioners believe is required to make Christ Church vital and relevant for us and for our community going forward.  We will focus our efforts on current initiatives that are positively impacting our own lives and the lives of others, and we will explore new initiatives that offer opportunities for spiritual growth and address the changing needs in our community.  With this information, the committee will establish a list of priorities for the next five years and establish a plan to equip and empower parishioners to Love God, Care For Each Other, and Serve The World.

We have a rich 75-year history to celebrate, but we are really just getting started.  We invite you to dream with us about how we will shine Christ’s light for years to come.

Renewing Our Vision Sub-Committee

Hooper Hardison & Carol Lorenz, Co-Chairs
Sean Bird
Emily Cooper
Jose Costa
Doug Ey
Susan Hamilton
Ann Hartlieb
Frank Horne
Catherine Ruth Kelly
Randall Mountcastle
Barbara Pooley
Fran Redic
The Reverend Marty Hedgpeth
The Reverend Matt Holcombe