Christ Church serves the world, from Botswana to Costa Rica, and in our own community through Habitat for Humanity, Room in the Inn, and so many other places. Enjoy this gallery of mission and outreach photos spanning the years, with thanks to the many parishioners who shared their memories and artifacts with us! 


1943 -  Store front buildings where Christ Church first met. Due to gas rationing, a satellite Sunday School was started, allowing Episcopalian neighbors to attend church closer to their homes. Parishioners met in two buildings on either side of a drug store, now Providence Road Sundries, that sold ice cream treats to the children after Church.

1946- The Quonset hut with Chapel attached. Christ Church worshipped in a shelter of its own.

1947 - The first Rector of Christ Church, Matthew George Henry, greeting parishioners after the worship service in the Quonset Hut.

Anyone need a 19-year-old snack? This 1998 goody bag was found in our archives.

1943 - Charlotte Observer article announcing the arrival of George Henry to Christ Church.

1948 - Inside of Quonset hut

1943 - George Henry’s sermon, “Prayer,” was bound into a booklet through which prayer became an integral part of Christ Church DNA.