“In the same way, let your light shine before others, that they may see your good deeds and glorify your Father in Heaven.” - Matthew 5:16

Celebrating Our 75th Anniversary

Christ Episcopal Church Charlotte will turn 75 in the summer of 2018, with Let Your Light Shine an appropriate theme for our sparkling Diamond Anniversary!

Following the words of Jesus in Matthew 5:16, over the course of the coming year, we will Let Our Light Shine by glorifying the living and eternal light of Christ, cultivating the unique and precious light within each of us, and shining our light into the world.

We will look back, honoring the story of a community of friends, centered in Christ, who envisioned this remarkable Church in 1943, lighting the path we follow today.

We will look outward to the ways that Christ Church lights up the world right now, from Botswana to Biloxi and from Rama Road Elementary to Hogar Escuela. From Providence Road to wherever the city needs us: the schools, the hospitals, the streets. From Crisis Assistance Ministry to the Men’s Shelter, Charlotte Family Housing, Urban Ministry Center, Loaves and Fishes, HopeWay, and so much more.

We will also look within, exploring how to keep the divine light inside each one of us shining bright, so that we can be a light to our families, friends, community, and the world.

And we will look ahead to the dazzling things we want to do moving forward – renewing our vision as we remember our past.

There are a number of activities planned throughout the year, with a parish-wide celebration on Friday, April 13the same date in 1943 that the Myers Park Episcopal Sunday School strategy committee passed a resolution to Bishop Penick asking for permission to establish a new mission in the Myers Park area of Charlotte.


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75th Anniversary Leadership and Planning Team

A faithful and industrious group of your fellow parishioners has been working together to plan a number of activities over the course of the year, guided by this prayer. 

75th Anniversary Committee
Arrington Mixon, Chair
The Reverend Chip Edens, Rector
Wendy Mauney, Parish Administrator 

Remembering Our Past 
Anne Dooley & Fletcher Gregory, Co-Chairs
Martha Alexander
Bird Anderson
Catherine Browning
Kaky Cassada
Sallie Close
Ned Hardison
Eric Locher
John Lowry
Lois Ann Partridge
Winston Paschall
Bailey Patrick
Anne Ratcliffe
Anne Carroll Ratcliffe
Laurens Adams Threlkeld
The Reverend Lisa Saunders

Celebrating Our Present 
Nikki DeVillers & Margaret Williams, Co-Chairs
John Crehore
Lydia Hanna
Emilie Heffernan
Peggy Horne
Nancy Lowry
Bruce Miller
Sally Mitchener
Barbara Plumlee
Janie Sellers
Caroline Tolmie
Spencer Yorke
The Reverend Patty Rhyne

Renewing Our Vision 
Hooper Hardison & Carol Lorenz, Co-Chairs
Sean Bird
Emily Cooper
Jose Costa
Doug Ey
Susan Hamilton
Ann Hartlieb
Frank Horne
Catherine Ruth Kelly
Randall Mountcastle
Barbara Pooley
Fran Redic
The Reverend Marty Hedgpeth
The Reverend Matt Holcombe

75th Anniversary Prayer

Most Gracious God,

You have so richly blessed each of us here today – most especially by being a member of Christ Church.

We recognize with gratitude those who came before, who gave of themselves so unselfishly to create and enrich the many ministries for us. Their sacrifice, faithfulness and trust in You bind each of us together as we do our part in preserving the memories for future generations.

We celebrate with joy the strength and comfort of our Spiritual Home, and are thankful for the clergy, staff and fellow parishioners who welcome and embrace us as we enter its doors – and inspire us as we leave to do Your work in the community.  We ask that You continue to give us wisdom and courage as we face each day, so that our lives might be a reflection of Your will.

And heavenly Father, we have such dreams for the future!  Guide us as we consider what is possible. Help us to listen to alternative views, as we know that we are strengthened by our differences.  We are inspired by the belief that, with Your help, we will accomplish whatever You call us to do. 

Help us to equip and empower those in the Christ Church community, so that we and they may better love You, care for each other and serve the world.

Guide and inspire our thoughts, words and deeds to reflect what you would have us accomplish as we remember and celebrate all that we are, and plan for the future of all that we can be.

All this we ask through your son, Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.